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Image of a bedroom with music production gear in the corner

The Bedroom

Making a stage from home with your favourite artists

The Bedroom is a space where creativity often begins for many a music-maker. We are celebrating art born in this space with an eclectic range of artists. From up-and-coming indies to established veterans, there's plenty to discover.

Watch your new favourite artists make The Bedroom their stage and bring the room to life — performing their choice of two songs each. This series of original and live performances will make you smile, get you moving, bring a tear to your eye, and everything between.

The Bedroom will drop a new episode every three weeks. Watch them right away by following us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Join us in celebrating creativity in the place it strikes, The Bedroom. For many, it’s a normal room in the house; for the artist, it’s a place where songs are born, refined, and rehearsed.

Focusrite - The Bedroom - Aziya


Gritty guitars and glowing vocals dominate the stage

Watch the multi-instrumentalist and producer, Aziya, take to the stage in the new video series, The Bedroom. Performing two songs — Marathon and Slip! — Aziya sets the tone for what’s to come.

Recording her first EP at home, Aziya is no stranger to recording with just the tools in her reach. In a genre that is male-centric, Aziya credits many female led artists as her influences, including the likes of St Vincent, H.E.R and Grimes. Aziya is ready to break these restraints and traditions in rock, inspiring a generation to take to guitar.

Focusrite - The Bedroom - L Devine


L Devine brings poppy hooks and a raw, emotive energy to her intimate performance

No stranger to praise from fellow esteemed British songwriters, L Devine joins us for intimate renditions of her songs in The Bedroom.

L Devine, having released two EPs this year, is known for having softly emotive vocals who makes hooky, often dance oriented pop. There’s a vulnerability with her more folk-orientated performances which is demonstrated through the rising stars solo showing of Girls Like Sex and Be In Her Bedroom, taken from her EP release Near Life Experience Part One.



Dublin rapper Kojaque brings his own brand of punch and personality to the stage

Producer and rapper Kojaque takes to the stage, performing two songs — That Deep and Jinty Boy Blues — Kojaque introduces you to his world and music.

Kevin Smith, a.k.a. Kojaque recorded his concept album Town’s Dead in a makeshift wardrobe in North Dublin, but that didn’t stop it from getting attention – it earned him live performances on both Colors and Vevo and he’s just wrapping up a UK headline tour.



Raw vocals and driving melodies in The Bedroom

British rock band YONAKA introduces their powerful melodic hooks and thought-provoking lyrics performing two songs — Ordinary and Seize the Power.

YONAKA bring a twist to rock with traces of metal, punk, and grime — and their lyrics don’t pull any punches. “When we write songs, we don’t write 50 and pick two. We write it, knowing it’s going to be a good song,” smiles Theresa. “Musically we try and keep it different. We get bored so we don’t want other people to get bored.”

Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei

The Bedroom brings you soulful and emotional sounds with Jordan Rakei

Listen to some haunting music and vocals from Jordan Rakei. Performing two songs — Family and Clouds — Jordan brings his unique sound to the stage.

Jordan Rakei made his live debut at Glastonbury Festival and his album Wallflower was shortlisted for Best Australian Album in the 2017 Australian Music Prize. Jordan's touching and relatable music is a fusion of soul, jazz, and hip hop. However, Jordan isn’t easily put in a box. As he says of himself: “I’m always just up for pushing my sound to new areas. I never settle on a particular sort of sound."



Warm, luscious keys set a dreamy, meaningful landscape

Watch Birmingham-born SIPHO. perform heavenly, stripped-back renditions of WE AIN’T and CIRCLES in The Bedroom.

SIPHO. started in music at the young age of 11 years old before going on to study songwriting at BIMM Institute Birmingham. From there, he was picked up by the notorious British indie label Dirty Hit and signed a record deal. SIPHO. has gone on to release a plethora of singles as well as 2 extended pieces to form an already impressive portfolio of work.

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