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Focusrite for Podcasters

In a podcast all you have is your voice, it has to sound good.

As a podcaster, just starting out, or a seasoned Pro, your priority is making sure your listeners can hear your content; loud and clear. This means the quality of your input audio recording device is of utmost importance. You’d also benefit from minimal set up time, and simple operation, so that you can focus on getting on with doing what you love; podcasting!

Focusrite makes the world's best-selling range of USB audio interfaces, Scarlett, providing a wide range of input/output options focusing on how many microphones you need to record, all at an affordable price.

A step up in sound and production quality, our Clarett range of interfaces provide superb sound, low-noise mic pres with a design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound, giving accurate representation of your original performance.

Both Scarlett and Clarett ranges operate on PC and Mac, and are compatible with the software you already use. By choosing a Focusrite audio interface you are guaranteed best-in-class audio quality hardware, that is easy to set up and use. But, if you get stuck, we have award-winning technical support standing by to help you get back up and running. But don’t take our word for it.

Watch our getting started videos below for some helpful tips from veteran podcasters

Recording your podcast with Scarlett
Editing your Podcast with Hindenburg
Publishing your Podcast with Hindenburg

Read what these podcasting pros have to say about their interfaces of choice


“I am stunned and extremely humbled to be one of the winners of this competition, especially to be alongside such talented people. Focusrite has been so welcoming and just as excited as I've been during this whole thing, which makes the experience that much more fun! I've really enjoyed connecting with them and getting to use their amazing gear as well.” - Melanie Scroggins, Creator Speak podcast


“The Scarlett 2i2 is affordable and portable and incredibly easy to use, so it’s become part of our start-up podcast kit that we provide to our producers. No matter what level a producer is at in terms of technical knowledge, the Scarlett is totally user friendly. They can figure it out within minutes, and it never lets them down. The Scarlett 2i2 does everything we need it to, and it does it flawlessly, it would be hard to improve on perfection.” — Mason Lindsey,

Lewis Howes Desktop

"I heard about [Scarlett] about seven years ago from another podcaster who was using it and said it was great, I’ve been using it ever since. I love how easy it is to use, simple to set up, and the high sound quality, I just plug it into my computer and send the file to my editor. Simple to use, fast, always reliable! You can’t ask for more.” — Lewis Howes, School of Greatness

Pat Flynn

"[Scarlett 2i2 is] incredibly simple and easy to operate. The things it lets you control are the things that are important to me as a podcaster: sound quality, volume control, portability, and reliability, and it’s not burdened with complexity. It’s become a part of what I do every day, and it does it well. That’s why I use it and recommend to others. In a podcast, all you have is your voice. It has to sound good, and the Scarlett 2i2 makes sure I do.” — Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Julian Placino Podcaster

"I’m a podcaster, not an audio engineer, so I want things to work whenever I need it to work, I need it to be easy, and I need it to work every single time. I need to minimize any kind of complexity so that I can concentrate on the conversation and be present in the moment. Focusrite allows me to do that." — Julian Placino, Pathways to Success

John DeLore

"As an audio engineer, keeping things simple is an eternal goal, and in that regard, the Clarett 8Pre USB interface is a godsend. It’s really plug-and-play. It’s simple: plug it in to your USB port, open [your recording software], and it’s there. And aside from all the sonic elements – the sound, the great D to A [conversion], and the ability to run multiple tracks with invisible latency – it’s just super-clean." — John DeLore, Stitcher

Skinny Mammoth

Skinny Mammoth

Join Skinny Mammoth in two videos and discover how to live stream a synth jam with Scarlett 18i20 and how to live stream your musical performance with Scarlett 2i2 Studio.

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