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All-analogue Air

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Clarett⁺ And All-analogue Air

The classic Focusrite sound at the touch of a button.

You’ll find the Air feature on the mic preamps of every new Focusrite recording interface. It’s a single button-push (or click) that makes vocals shine, brings added presence to guitars, and makes drum overheads shimmer. It’s always a completely analogue process, meaning there’s no DSP, no latency or timing issues, and 100% pure. But, as you’ll discover in this piece, there’s a slight difference between the Air circuitry found in Clarett+ versus other Focusrite interfaces, which brings added clarity and more sonic options when recording.

The Clarett+ range of interfaces was designed around the ethos of ‘Clarity Redefined,’ and a large part of the range’s appeal can be found in the Air circuit. Air emulates the classic ISA 110 mic preamp found in the Focusrite Studio Console, which has been behind millions of hit records. The benefits of tracking with Air on Clarett+ interfaces are enormous. Air brings a new dimension to your sound by adding by switching the impedance to 2.2kΩ and adding two cumulative high shelves, totalling a 4dB boost in the high frequencies— a feature not found on Scarlett interfaces. This means that Clarett+ Air is particularly good at emphasising transient response for things like snare drum and acoustic guitar, while also brightening vocals, strings and other acoustic sources. With Air, you can capture every nuance and ensure clarity in your recordings.

When should I use Air on my Focusrite interface?

Air is simple to use — it’s just a single button press, either on the interface’s front panel or in Focusrite Control — so you can try it on literally any input to your preamp and A/B the treatment in an instant. Engage Air on your vocal mic preamp, add it to your stereo drum overheads or apply it to your room mics, to bring additional clarity and an etherial high-frequency lift. And the best part is that you don’t need to modify your settings or patch hardware, because its all-analogue circuitry is always there, in the box. Its simplicity helps you to keep sessions moving with minimum interruption, and gives you options with minimum effort.

Our mission at Focusrite has always been to use our decades of technical expertise and experience to help you deliver your very best. And with Clarett+ we’ve empowered producers, engineers and artists of all kinds with premium-quality recording tools. With All-analogue Air impedance switching and relay control, Clarett+ inspires producers, engineers and artists to make their best music. We hope it helps you, wherever you are on your creative journey.