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Kojaque singing

The Bedroom: Kojaque

Dublin rapper Kojaque brings his own brand of punch and personality to the stage

Producer and rapper Kojaque takes to the stage in the new video series, The Bedroom. Performing two songs — That Deep and Jinty Boy Blues — Kojaque introduces you to his world and music.

The Bedroom is a space where creativity often begins for many a music maker. We are celebrating art that’s born here with an exciting range of artists. From up-and-coming indies to established veterans, there's plenty to discover.

Kevin Smith, a.k.a. Kojaque recorded his concept album Town’s Dead in a makeshift wardrobe in North Dublin, but that didn’t stop it from getting attention – it earned him live performances on both Colors and Vevo and he’s just wrapping up a UK headline tour.

Kojaque’s music is both furious and sensitive, and – as he puts it – “… It’s expressing something I can’t say to people. For me, oftentimes it’s about trying to make sense of life.”

Watch Kojaque perform That Deep and Jinty Boy Blues — both from his 2021 album Town’s Dead — below.

Watch the Kojaque video

That Deep leads you into chilled, catchy verse via background vocals and keeps you hooked with an interesting background melody. A brief pause and we’re moving on to Jinty Boy Blues, a deep, emotional track with heartfelt lyrics and some beautiful vocals at the end, perfectly demonstrating Kojaque’s emotive lyricism.

The Bedroom will drop a new episode every three weeks. Watch them right away by following us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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