All the tools an artist will ever need in a legendary DAW

Three-month Avid® Pro Tools Artist and Complete Plugin Bundle subscription

We are excited to partner with Avid for a fantastic bundle for all Scarlett and Clarett owners. Get a three-month free subscription to Avid’s Pro Tools Artist and the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, and a significant discount on annual plans.
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Fast Plugin Bundle


FAST Bundle

FAST plugins are carefully crafted, accessible tools powered by AI technology that are designed to keep you in the creative flow and get polished results easily. Featuring intuitive controls that adapt to your needs and source-specific flavours to add mood to your sound, the FAST plugins are simple enough for beginners and flexible enough for the most experienced creators.

*30% discount available for Focusrite registered hardware customers
Discover The Collective Plugins
  • FAST Compressor

    FAST Compressor

    FAST Compressor maintains control over dynamics and help your sound fit in the mix by automatically tailoring your compression settings.
    Learn more about FAST Compressor
  • FAST Equaliser

    FAST Equaliser

    Designed to locate the active sweet spots in your audio and automatically find the right EQ curve within seconds.
    Learn more about FAST Equaliser
  • FAST Reveal

    FAST Reveal

    This essential mixing tool balances two signals competing in the same frequency range and reveals the frequency of the track in the foreground by ducking the track in the background whenever there are clashes.

    Learn more about FAST Reveal
  • FAST Verb

    FAST Verb

    Finding the right reverb settings can be a time-consuming process and can take away focus from being creative. With FAST Verb – powered by smart:engine, the AI by Sonible – you will spend less time tweaking settings and more time making music.
    Learn more about FAST Verb
  • FAST Limiter

    FAST Limiter

    Perfect your tracks and create release-ready music with FAST Limiter — the powerful AI plugin gets your tracks over the finish line and keeps you creating music.

    Learn more about FAST Limiter

Other software

  • Focusrite Control 2

    Focusrite Control 2

    Focusrite Control 2 is a powerful app for your 4th Gen Scarlett to make session setup painless, so you can focus on what matters — capturing great performances. Available for Windows and macOS.
    Learn more about Focusrite Control 2
  • RedNet Control

    RedNet Control

    With RedNet Control running on your Mac or PC, you have total control over all the RedNet devices on your Dante network, and the ability to customise the way your RedNet devices are displayed on screen.
    Learn more about RedNet Control
  • Red 2 and 3 Plugin Suite

    Red 2 and 3 Plugin Suite

    Accurately model our Classic Red 2 Equaliser and Red 3 Compressor.
    Discover Red 2 and 3 plugins