The ISA range

The classic mic pre

Since 1985, Focusrite has been a name synonymous with no-compromise mic pres following the creation of the ISA 110 for Sir George Martin's Neve console at Air Studios. The legacy of the original ISA 110 lives on today, not only in the ISA range itself, but also in every mic pre we design.
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   The ISA range

ISA One in a studio environment

Sought-after sound

Standing for 'Input Signal Amplifier', the ISA range was born out of the original Focusrite Forte console of the late 80's, and later the Focusrite Studio Console. The core modules from these consoles live on with Focusrite's current range of ISA products, which have in themselves also become recording classics, and the choice of the world's finest producers and engineers.
Lundahl LL1538 input transformer

Lundahl LL1538 input transformer

At the heart of the ISA range is the microphone preamplifier with its Lundahl input transformer, which imparts a special character to the sound that can't be truly emulated in any other way, while the modern twist of variable input impedance allows for a new degree of flexibility.

“For achieving a complete, finished sound, I recommend the Focusrite ISA One all the time... the sound of that preamp sounds like a record.”

Rob Burrell

“I'm finding that the ISA One is just about all I need on some sessions. It's so versatile and I use it for everything — bass, guitars, vocals.”

Christian Olde Wolbers

Focusrite 3 year warranty

Enjoy 3 years of warranty

All Focusrite products are built to the highest standards, and are designed to provide many years of reliable performance.