A musician using RedNet X2P

Solutions for Live Sound

With the request to “make the show sound like the album" always there, it's more important than ever to consider the entire signal flow from stage, to front of house and back to the speakers. Focusrite's modular range of audio-over-IP interfaces allows you to bring that goal closer to reality. Studio-grade mic pres built for stage, coupled with Dante®, MADI, AES3, analogue line and Pro Tools | HD™ interconnectivity deliver pristine audio quality in any workflow, with any console.

Featuring redundant power supplies, dual etherCON connectors and rugged all-metal construction married to pristine 119dB dynamic range converters Focusrite's RedNet will deliver night after night.Leverage the power of Dante audio-over-IP technology to simplify audio distribution from front of house to amp world, providing AES3 or analogue outputs to directly feed amps or powered speaker arrays, or add networked audio to a MADI capable console using our bridge. Create your own stage racks by incorporating the inputs and outputs you need, while adding additional I/O is as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable.

Adding recording or playback capabilities is straightforward using Focusrite's audio interfaces for Pro Tools | HD, ASIO or Core Audio.

  • Fully redundant options

    Fully redundant options

    Dual power supplies and dual etherCON network connections give peace of mind in critical applications.
  • Scale up as you need

    Scale up as you need

    Just add additional interfaces and Ethernet cable.
  • Get rid of that multicore

    Get rid of that multicore

    Reduce cabling complexity and weight using Ethernet cable or fibre.
  • Extensive compatibility

    Extensive compatibility

    A wide range of connectivity options are available, including analogue, MADI, AES3, Mac, Windows, Pro Tools | HD and of course other Dante products.

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