Premium audio interfaces

Our Red range offers the ultimate in digital conversion, remote-controlled mic pres and built-in monitor controls coupled with very low latency Pro Tools | HD™, Thunderbolt™ and Dante interface technology.
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   The Red range

Our best converter performance

We've been building mastering-quality digital audio converters for decades, and the converters you'll encounter in Red are the best we've ever made.
  • Dante audio-over -IP

    Effortlessly integrate DAWs into Dante networks, or use Dante to easily expand your audio interface with additional I/O.
  • Software control and monitoring

    Monitor signal levels and control every parameter of your interface remotely on-screen.

An unbeatable range of tried-and-tested studio tools

Hitmaker Expansion is built to get you mixing and mastering release-ready music immediaely. These are the plugins you need to take your studio-quality tracks to the next level and achieve professional results.