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L Devine with Guitar


L Devine brings poppy hooks and a raw, emotive energy to her intimate performance

No stranger to praise from fellow esteemed British songwriters, L Devine joins us for intimate renditions of her songs in The Bedroom. The singer-songwriter — hailing from Whitley Bay, UK — has continued to make waves since 2017, with two singles featuring as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record. For those outside of the UK, that’s a pretty big deal. Signed to Warner Bros. Records, L Devine is a star on the rise.

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L Devine, having released two EPs this year, is known for having softly emotive vocals who makes hooky, often dance oriented pop. There’s a vulnerability with her more folk-orientated performances which is demonstrated through the rising stars solo showing of Girls Like Sex and Be In Her Bedroom, taken from her EP release Near Life Experience Part One.

Watch L Devine perform Girls Like Sex and Be In Her Bedroom.

Watch the L Devine video

Performing solo with a clean sounding guitar, L Devine starts with the energetic number Girls Like Sex — drenched in golden light invoking her powerful vocal delivery. Sat on the edge of the bed, the lyrics flow out of L Devine, showcasing a wide range of dynamics and strong writing of melodies. It’s hard not to sing-along with the chorus which is a credit to her song-writing.

L Devine stands for the slower, more intimate Be In Her Bedroom — an ode, a love note, encaptured in her lyrics and emotive vocals that are projected throughout The Bedroom space. Often seen pondering, L Devine reflects on someone significant in her life with relatable words for us all to feel with a heart-felt delivery and pour out of feelings.

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