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The Bedroom: SIPHO.

Warm, luscious keys set a dreamy, meaningful landscape

Watch Birmingham-born SIPHO. perform heavenly, stripped-back renditions of WE AIN’T and CIRCLES in The Bedroom.

SIPHO. started in music at the young age of 11 years old before going on to study songwriting at BIMM Institute Birmingham. From there, he was picked up by the notorious British indie label Dirty Hit and signed a record deal. SIPHO. has gone on to release a plethora of singles as well as 2 extended pieces to form an already impressive portfolio of work.

Coming from a religious background, there is an element of introspective analysis to SIPHO.’s music, notably morality, scepticism, and masculinity at the heart of the lyrics. Combining R&B, gospel and metallic electronic pop are all fitting genres for the subject laid out to the audience.

Watch SIPHO. perform WE AIN’T and CIRCLES, taken from his 2021 release AND GOD SAID…

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Warm, luscious keys set a dreamy, somber landscape that is met with forceful statements from SIPHO. which are shortly followed by soft, fluttering vocals. With a rising chorus, heavenly falsetto notes are on display which demonstrate the versatility in his impressive vocal range. Lengthy reverb tails at the end of lyrical lines further add to the tension set on The Bedroom stage.

Jumping straight into the next track, CIRCLES, a syncopated vocal delivery cuts through warm keys with sustained notes. SIPHO. hits low to high notes with ease throughout the chorus, hooking you into his world and having you ‘running running running ‘round in circles’. Vibrant chord stabs bring the performance to a close, with SIPHO. taking in the energy he has created.

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