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Plug-in Collective: Fuse Audio Labs

Get Fuse Audio Labs’ FX plug-in Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C.

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This month’s exclusive Plug-in Collective community giveaway is Fuse Audio Labs’ FX plug-in Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C, for Mac and Windows. Normally sold for £39.00/$49.00/€44.00, Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C are free to download for Plug-in Collective members from 28th October 2021 to 20th January 2022 (4pm GMT) and come with a 50% discount code to redeem against any product in the Fuse Audio Labs range.


The Bucket-500 introduces a grungy organic feeling delay to your sound, getting more and more degraded with each repetition, fading to a nice grit and dark tone. It shines with that instant, recognisable vibe that sits perfectly and pleasantly behind leading instruments and other sources. The texture and decay are quite different from most other delay plug-ins, making it a great addition to your creative arsenal.

The concept behind the Bucket-500 is to offer a simple-to-use processor that also provides enough versatility to create a wide range of vintage-style sounds. The plug-in introduces plenty of custom features that enhance its flexibility and fun factor, including a tilt filter in the feedback path, a stereo cross-feed option, and an optional delay clock LFO. Two slightly offset short delay times with the cross-feed and modulation on can add a very nice stereo spread to your signals, while the onboard host tempo sync will always play your repetitions on time.


The VPRE-2C is an all tube and transformer-based rarity from the 1950s, which delivers the smooth and dense tone which is so typical for the great American recordings of the era. Its straightforward design results in a unique and worthwhile sonic character.

The preamp will enrich your recordings with an authentic tube vibe in the most intuitive way. Lower gain settings produce a sound that is well-defined and balanced with a fine accent on the mid-range while turning up the level-compensated control will significantly increase the perception of warmth, weight, and smoothness.

Another exclusive feature of the plug-in is its boost mode for kicking in more solid drive and colouration. The VPRE-2C is your ticket back in time, giving you that wonderful old sound, whenever you dial it in.

In addition to the Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C plug-ins, Plug-in Collective members can also grab a 50% discount code to redeem against anything in the Fuse Audio Labs store.

“This month's offer comes from a new partner of ours — Fuse Audio Labs,” says Plug-in Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “They’ve generously offered up two mighty plug-ins. Their bucket 500 analog delay, and their VPRE-2C.”

“The Bucket-500 is an emulation of a classic tape delay, which has featured on many famous records over the years. It’s particularly fun to use on vocals for really exaggerated creative FX and sounds. Automating the feedback filter with the feedback amount can lead to some really fun sequences.”

“As for the VPRE-2C, you’ll be getting a wonderfully modelled vintage tube amp. Pair this with a drum bus for immediate, subtle punch and grit. In fact, it pretty much has a home on any sound, to add that extra 5-10% of character that is often hard to come by.”

“The controls on both plug-ins are laid out well, which makes navigating them a breeze. I’m very confident you’ll get a lot of use out of both offerings.”

- Plug-in Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell

How to access offer

Plug-in Collective members can download Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C for free from their Focusrite account and redeem their 50% discount against anything in the Fuse Audio Labs range from 28th October 2021 to 20th January 2022 (4pm GMT).

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