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Plug-In Collective MASSIVE & Ozone Elements

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Plug-In Collective: MASSIVE and Ozone Elements

Native Instruments’ MASSIVE and Izotope’s Ozone Elements Is the Latest Instalment from the Plug-in Collective Giveaway

Plug-in Collective has now ended. But don’t worry, you can still get premium software to keep you making studio-quality tracks. Hitmaker Expansion gives your everything you need and includes Antares® Auto-Tune®, Softube®’s Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555 amp, Relab’s LX480 Essentials, and more. Register your hardware to access it all today.

The latest instalment of the exclusive Plug-in Collective community giveaway is MASSIVE from Native Instruments and Ozone Elements from Izotope. Normally sold for $149.00 and $129.99, respectively, these plugins are free to download for Plug-in Collective members from 6th October to 12th January (4 pm GMT). In addition, access the three-month free trial of KOMPLETE NOW, usually sold for $9.99 per month.


MASSIVE — for the ultimate synth sounds

MASSIVE is the ultimate synth for bass and leads. The high-end engine delivers pure quality with a diverse range of sounds, from soft to outright dirty and everything in between.

MASSIVE's sound synthesis is based on a unique Wave Scanning algorithm implemented in three parallel oscillator modules. It combines the highest sonic quality with utmost flexibility and controllability. The synth comes with 85 specially designed wavetables, each with a unique combination of waveforms and particular sonic characteristics.

If diving deep into synthesis is not on your radar, MASSIVE contains over 1300 production-ready sounds. Each one has pre-defined macro controls, so you can easily fine-tune the sound to your liking without going into all the parameters.

Ozone Elements — Mastering made easy

Effortlessly get your mixes radio and streaming ready with Ozone Elements. Building on a two-decade history of best-in-class processing, Ozone Elements has the essential tools and assistive technology you need to quickly achieve a full, rich, and loud final master. 
Balance your audio in stereo with an improved Imager and quickly create a custom preset with Master Assistant, which listens to your audio and makes suggestions for loudness and tone.

KOMPLETE NOW — Premium synths, samplers, and effects every month

KOMPLETE NOW offers the opportunity to get your hands on some of the most sought-after production tools — a curated bundle of essential instruments and effects that help you achieve high-quality sounds, regardless of genre.

Why we love it

“This month, we have teamed up with Native Instruments to provide a huge new synth offer-ing, a full version of the legendary MASSIVE synth,” says Plug-in Collective Product Owner, Hugh Lobley. “It’s hard to think of a more influential, genre-shaping synth than this. And if you’ve listened to modern electronic music, you have probably already heard it in action. Its wide variety of wavetables, filters, FX and complex modulation options make Massive the synth that can do it all — from thick, lush pads to heavy, growling bass.”

“Not only this, but we also have a second plugin powerhouse as part of this month’s bundle, the one and only Ozone Elements from iZotope. Ozone Elements is the one-stop-shop mas-tering solution that lets you create masters in minutes using various processing tools.”

“If you want to get your demos ready for sending to friends, labels and DJs, or you want to prep your next release, Ozone Elements has got you covered. I recommend flicking through the presets until you find something that sounds about right, then tweaking the settings until you get the perfect sound.”


Plug-in Collective members can download MASSIVE from Native Instruments and Ozone Elements from Izotope free from their Focusrite account from 6th October to 12th January (4 pm GMT). Access the three-month free trial of KOMPLETE NOW to add a wide range of synths, sounds, and effects to your tracks.