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Plug-in Collective UJam Desktop

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Plug In Collective UJam

Free Virtual Guitarist Iron plug-in by innovative software house UJam, with a 30% discount on the Guitarists-Bundle

September’s Plug-in Collective community giveaway is a superb guitar emulation plug-in by UJam – the innovative software house founded by music industry legends Peter Gorges, Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams – and a 30% discount on the Guitarists-Bundle.

Virtual Guitarist Iron puts a world-class studio guitarist and their rig at the heart of your VST-, Audio Units- or AAX-compatible DAW, enabling producers of all ability levels to perform and capture authentic rock/metal riffs and power chords with their MIDI keyboard. Take total control of over 1000 sampled phrases in 100 rock and metal styles, expertly performed by a top session guitarist – chord and phrasing keyswitches, and Swing and Feel sliders make it easy to construct dynamic, utterly convincing guitar parts on the fly.

The guitar itself is a customised Fender Stratocaster with hand-wound humbucker and single coil pickups. Choose from four diverse raw guitar settings, then cook up and overdrive your perfect tone using high-quality simulation of a range of hand picked vintage amps and speaker cabinets, and process it further with reverb, delay and chorus effects. The unique Thrust control adds harmonics to the clean guitar sound, transforming its character for even more stylistic versatility, while Drop D and doubling modes are on hand for extending the low end and automatically generating stereo double-tracks.

Whether you’re after realistic guitar riffs and power chords, or interesting guitar-based textures for dance and electronic music, Virtual Guitarist Iron gives you all the sounds and patterns you need in an intuitive but surprisingly deep and powerful interface.

“This month’s Plug-in Collective offer, Virtual Guitarist Iron, comes from our good friends at UJam,” says Plug-in Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “Now admittedly, I don’t write a lot of music that uses electric guitars – at least not in the traditional sense. However, one sound I do love is reversed electric guitar swathed in reverb, for use as an atmospheric device in my tracks. Iron gave me the perfect platform to create my own versions of this.

“As a traditional virtual instrument, Iron sounds pretty nailed-on when it comes to faithful recreation of heavy rock and metal power chords. It’s particularly useful for those looking to create fuller arrangements but lacking the skills of a seasoned guitarist. The integrated amp modelling and selection of onboard effects give it a good level of tweakability for achieving the exact sound you’re looking for.”

UJam Virtual Guitarist Iron retails for €129, but Plug-in Collective members can download it for free from 5th September to 14th November from their Focusrite account. Throughout the same period, they can also claim 30% off UJam’s Guitarists-Bundle, comprising Amber, Sparkle, Silk and Iron, bagging the whole lot for €245 rather than the regular €349 price.

Plug-in Collective is a community hub that brings you, Focusrite and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential, and Plug-in Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins. To join Plug-in Collective, simply register any Focusrite hardware product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months. No one else works with software manufacturers like we do to bring you inspirational tools for your next production.