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Clarett+ vs Clarett

Clarett⁺ — What’s New?

Clarett+ vs Clarett Comparison

Clarett+ builds on the strengths of the previous Clarett ranges. Each interface offers a variety of improvements to help you make your best music:

Reduced THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) performance on the analogue inputs provide an even more accurate representation of the source signals than the previous Clarett interfaces. Without unwanted colouring or distortion, Clarett+ will enable you to hear every detail and achieve a clearer and purer sound. This is especially applicable to quiet source signals where the gain is high, such as with acoustic guitar, strings, lead instruments, and vocals involving a lot of rests or pauses. 

A newly chosen D-A converter used in conjunction with meticulously
designed output filter circuitry gives you greater control of your mix and retains a high level of clarity. A lower D-A converter noise floor highlights the intricate dynamic variations in mixes and recordings, with more low-level detail than ever before, allowing you to multi-track with confidence. The improvements to the D-A converter will be especially noticeable on music with high dynamic variation.

Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance provide a true representation of the source at all levels — on any headphones — and inform decisions at every stage of the creative process. Powerful outputs cater for varying headphone impedances, without the need for a headphone amplifier. Clarett+ excels in both quiet acoustic sessions and loud drum recording environments, ensuring that you can adapt to any situation without sacrificing audio quality.

Take a look at the chart below to compare details.

Clarett+ Comparison