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Step up your show

Our Vocaster mic and headphones make it easy to bring broadcast sound to your podcast setup. Vocaster DM14v is made to podcast and tuned for voice recording. Vocaster HP60v headphones give studio-grade sound so you hear exactly what your listeners will and stay comfortable for long recording sessions.

Vocaster Broadcast Kit - Image of a podcast being recorded with the Broadcast Kit

Effortless. Studio sound.

Vocaster DM14v

Vocaster DM14v

Vocaster DM14v is our best dynamic microphone to bring studio quality to your podcast setup. Our low sensitivity, cardioid design with built-in windshield and internal shock mount, makes broadcast-ready voice recording accessible to any interface user.

Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Vocaster Broadcast Kit pairs Vocaster DM14v with our clear and comfortable podcast headphones to bring studio quality to your podcast setup. Our Vocaster HP60v headphone design lets you hear your show exactly as your listeners will, and stay comfortable for the longest recording sessions.

Made To Podcast - Image of a podcast recording with Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Made to podcast

Vocaster DM14v is a classic broadcast mic design, tuned specifically for professional quality voice recording.

Focused Recording - Image of Vocaster DM14v in use

Focused recording

Our low sensitivity capsule captures your voice, not your room, giving your podcast a professional studio sound.

Great Takes - Image of Vocaster DM14v

Great takes every time

Our built-in windshield stops plosives, and an internal shock mount cuts out low-end rumble from your environment.

Broadcast Quality - Image of two podcasters recording

Broadcast quality mic for podcasters

Available on its own or as part of Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Block out the world - Image of Vocaster HP60v being worn

Block out the world

HP60v’s closed-back design stops the mic from picking up your show mix, and keeps you on-story.

Quietly Comfortable - Image of Vocaster HP60v’s in use

Quietly comfortable

Thick, plush pads keep you comfortable while recording and editing for extended sessions.

Hear Everything - Image of Vocaster HP60v

Hear everything

Exactly as your listeners will. HP60v’s frequency response and detail make editing a great sounding show simple.

Vocaster DM14v Microphone


Type – Dynamic

Polar Pattern - Cardioid



(0dB = 1V/Pa at 1kHz) – -57dB

Frequency Response – 50Hz – 16kHz

Impedance (@1kHz) - 200Ω


Electrical Characteristics

Mounting – Standard 5/8”; 3/8” adaptor supplied

Net Weight – 655g

Diameter – 60mm

Length – 191mm

Vocaster HP60v Headphones


Impedance - 32Ω

Sensitivity – 98dB ±3dB

Frequency Response – 20Hz – 20kHz

Max. Power Rating – 1.2W


Physical and Electrical Characteristics

Type – Closed-back

Driver Diameter – 50mm

Cable Length – 3m (approx.)

Connectors - 3.5mm stereo jack, 6.35mm screw-on adaptor

What's in the box

Vocaster DM14v

Vocaster DM14v broadcast microphone

3m XLR to XLR microphone cable


Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Vocaster DM14v broadcast microphone

Vocaster HP60v closed-back studio headphones

3m XLR to XLR microphone cable

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With Vocaster, we’ve set out to create the easiest way to get studio quality sound on your podcast. And we’ve succeeded. Our range of podcast equipment sounds great, is easy to use, and recreates a professional experience in your podcast studio.

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