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In today's rapidly changing education environment it can be a challenge to keep students engaged and inspired. Educators are looking for new ways to address the varied learning styles of their students, and podcasting has emerged as a unique way to explore subjects. Podcasting can provide opportunities for students to engage concepts in a more personal way. Students are often excited by the opportunity to create content similar to what they consume, so podcasting can be a great interdisciplinary activity that helps deepen understanding and inspire curiosity.

Focusrite is here to help, offering the ideal tools needed to fast track students to become podcasting pros, coupled with exclusive educational discounts!

Read on for full details about Vocaster, Focusrite’s innovative range of podcasting recording solutions.

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Focusrite's Vocaster podcasting interfaces are a reliable solution for educators looking to integrate podcasting into their teaching toolkit. With recording studio-quality sound, Vocaster ensures that student's voices are captured in high detail, ensuring an engaging listening experience. Vocaster's intuitive design is accessible for users of all technical levels, and the innovative features allow students to focus on content creation rather than troubleshooting complicated equipment. Vocaster is compatible with headphones with a 1/4" jack and any XLR microphone, ensuring a seamless integration with the vast majority of learning environments without significant investment in additional equipment.

Adding the Focusrite Vocaster to your educational resources can help support innovative and inclusive teaching methods. Podcasting allows students the opportunity to more actively participate in their learning journey, and the Vocaster supports that by not letting technical challenges get in the way of your student's creativity.

Feature highlight: Auto Gain

The Auto Gain function on the Vocaster will set the microphone input levels automatically, resulting in a consistent and optimal signal level. This feature is perfect for students new to recording audio. Auto Gain helps your students avoid distorted audio and will save time during post production by reducing the need for manual level adjustments. Auto Gain can be enabled with the button on the top of the Vocaster, or via the Vocaster Hub companion software.

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Feature highlight: Enhance

The Enhance function on the Vocaster can add warmth and presence to your voice, eliminating the need for compression and EQ processing. Simply pressing the Enhance button on the top of the Vocaster enables this feature. Enhance offers four podcaster-approved voice presets to bring out the best in any voice. The presets can also be tweaked inside of Vocaster Hub.

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Educational discount

For the music producer in school or college, money being tight is a fact of life. We at Focusrite, however, don't believe a lack of funds should ever get in the way of your artistic endeavours, which is why we're giving all students 25% off*.

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And there's no limit to the number of discounts you can claim – just sign in to your account and the discount will continue to be automatically applied as long as you have a .ac.uk or .edu email address associated with your account. So what are you waiting for?

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