An Update From Focusrite Pro

We appreciate that the current global situation is having a huge impact on the lives of audio professionals — our customers and clients — around the world. For those needing support and advice, we've compiled some guidance for the professional audio community and small businesses. Below, we've compiled some helpful links for people in the UK and the USA, but we encourage you to check your local networks for the latest advice in your area.

In the UK

Help Musicians is an independent UK charity for professional musicians. They have published a comprehensive guide to help musicians monitor the situation and find help if and when they need it.

Music Support, another UK-based charity, have a helpline to assist those in need: +44 (0)800 030 6789. The UK government have issued this advice to business owners and the self-employed.

In the USA

Several cities and states, including New York City , are offering financial relief to small businesses and freelancers. A COVID-19 & Freelancers web site has been set up as a resource to help artists and freelancers get support and advice. Music Cares , the Recording Academy's organisation to help people in the music industry, can offer financial support and advice to those in need.

If you have time to get creative

For those Focusrite users finding themselves sat home with time on their hands, we've got some suggestions of ways to inject some (free) inspiration. All Red, RedNet and ISA owners are eligible for the free Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC plug-in, which is an accurate software recreation of the legendary Focusrite Studio Console.

Keep engaged online

Online special interest groups are great places to get inspired, participate in experiences with others, and maintain contact with the outside world. There are lots of music making user groups online, including our own, We Are Focusrite.

The Focusrite Pro Podcast brings you insights into the cutting edge technology behind current audio trends. Listen as we chat with our industry peers, our development team, and leading individuals in Education, Recording, Post Production, Broadcast, and more.

At this difficult moment, we extend our support to everyone affected by the current situation. We encourage you to look after yourself and others and, above all, heed the advice of your local governments and health experts.

Thanks for reading,

The Focusrite Pro Team