Clarett⁺ — Clarity Redefined

Clarity Redefined. 

Clarett+ is our new range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces for PC and Mac, which builds on the strengths of the previous Clarett ranges. With improved converters and professional quality mic preamps, Clarett+ 2Pre, 4Pre and 8Pre inspire producers, engineers, and artists to make their best music.

The Ultimate Recording Preamp

Clarett+ interfaces feature professional quality mic preamps, which have very high headroom, low distortion and ultra-low noise; so exceptionally pure recordings can be captured to achieve a professional sound, whether miking guitars, recording vocals or tracking drums.

All-Analogue Air

All-analogue Air with impedance switching and relay control brings clarity and presence, and makes vocals shine, by emulating the ISA 110 mic preamp from the classic Focusrite Studio Console.

Clear Just Got Clearer

Improved, high dynamic range A-D and D-A conversion gets you closer to the music, with ultra-low distortion that provides clearer mixes and stunning detail at all levels.

Hear The Truth

Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance provide powerful, transparent sound at all levels — on any headphones — so producers, engineers and artists can make their best mix decisions and inspire amazing performances.

All The Tools You Need

A collection of software, including mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments, gives you the tools needed to master your craft.

Clarett⁺ 2Pre — Pure-sounding 10-in / 4-out audio interface for the recording artist

Clarett+ 2Pre is the audibly impressive, pure-sounding, bus-powered* USB-C interface for PC and Mac to inspire musicians on their creative journey.

Key Features:

  • Two Clarett+ professional quality mic preamps featuring All-analogue Air with impedance switching and relay control.
  • Two JFET instrument inputs allow the user to plug straight in and preserve the natural tone of their guitar, just like plugging into an amplifier.
  • Independent A-D and D-A converters offer a greatly improved D-A dynamic range and lower A-D converter distortion.
  • Clarett+ 2Pre is expandable using ADAT inputs.

Clarett⁺ 4Pre — Versatile and sonically true 18-in / 8-out audio interface for the complete creator

Clarett+ 4Pre is the studio-grade audio interface for PC and Mac, designed for music makers who demand the highest quality while recording and mixing their audio creations.

Key Features:

  • Four professional quality Clarett+ preamps featuring All-analogue Air.
  • New and improved A-D and D-A converters, which deliver extremely low noise, low distortion, and high dynamic range.
  • Two improved, powerful, transparent analogue headphone outputs.
  • Two dedicated, ultra-high-impedance JFET instrument inputs and extremely wide audio bandwidth.
  • Clarett+ 4Pre is expandable using ADAT optical input.

Clarett⁺ 8Pre — Powerful studio-grade 18-in / 20-out audio interface for the established producer

Clarett+ 8Pre is a high-performance and immensely capable studio centrepiece for PC and Mac, which inspires producers, engineers and artists to create their best work.

Key Features:

  • Eight professional quality Clarett+ preamps featuring All-analogue Air, that bring masses of headroom, low distortion, and ultra-low noise.
  • New and improved A-D and D-A converters that deliver extremely. low-distortion, low-noise audio with high dynamic range.
  • Two improved, powerful, transparent analogue headphone outputs.
  • Clarett+ 8Pre is expandable with ADAT optical input and output.

All Clarett+ audio interfaces run on rock-solid driver software for PC and Mac, bringing cross-platform compatibility that competitors lack. In addition, they come with a collection of software — including mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments — providing all the tools needed to create the best mixes:

Focusrite Control
Easy-to-use and feature-packed software for computer and iOS devices provides complete control over all aspects of Clarett+.

Included software bundle
Studio-grade results can be achieved with the included mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments.