Guitar Masterclass London - Ola Englund & Sithu Aye

The question of the evening was 'How has recording affected your career?', and saw Ola and Sithu talk through their music and recording careers to a sold out crowd at the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street. 

Ola Englund, metal guitar player and music producer, is widely known for being the guitarist for bands such as Feared, The Haunted and, up until 2013, Six Feet Under. He is also very respected among the worldwide metal community for his professional YouTube demos and reviews for countless manufacturers.

Sithu Aye, and instrumental progressive metal artist, started on his musical endeavour with the release of his first album 'Cassini' back in 2011. Has has released three full-length albums and five EPs to date, and will be releasing new work for 2018.

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