Guitar Summit 2023

We’re excited to be at Guitar Summit 2023, September 22nd – 24th 2023 in the Rosengarten in Mannheim, Germany. Come and visit us at booth 022, level 0, and hear first-hand how our interfaces will help you refine and enhance your guitar tone. Join us for a guitar masterclass from Lasse Lammert. Plus, enter our riff competition for a chance to win big prizes and show everyone what you can do.

What’s on show

For the first time, Scarlett 4th Gen will make an appearance. the best Scarlett ever, Scarlett 4th Gen features Hi-Z inputs that feel just like an amp, a colossal 120dB dynamic range for huge sounding tracks, re-engineered Air mode with Presence and Harmonic Drive, and powerful new features including Auto Gain and Clip Safe that set your levels and make sure you never lose a take. Try our Scarlett and Clarett+ interfaces in a true-to-life setup and put our products through their paces. Discover how the interfaces and the included Hitmaker Expansion can take your guitar recordings to the next level.

Joining us at the stand are Novation’s Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks. You'll be able to see how this sampler and groovebox can bring additional versatility to your studio and guitar playing. Hear everything in sparkling detail through ADAM Audio’s SP5 Headphones, with A4V monitors also on display, a perfect addition to every guitarist's space.

Lasse Lammert Masterclass

In this workshop, Lasse Lammert will guide you through recording an electric guitar for your production. Whether it's a home studio demo or you want to record your tracks in an external studio for a professional mix, learn how to get your guitar perfectly "on tape".

In addition to the technical basics, such as recording a DI track and the right recording level, various production techniques will be on show. From using amp sims and IRs to miking and recording a tube amp and speaker cabinet, this workshop covers everything to get you ready for your guitar recordings.

Lasse's masterclass is on:
Sunday 24th September
13:30 -14:15


Come armed with your best riff and enter our competition — the five winners grabbing great prizes. Simply come to booth 022, and record your riff on either an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. Our staff can help you with setting up the guitars available, recording and setting your tone, and providing you with beats to play along to. Each entrant will be judged by Lasse Lammert and the prizes will be sent after the event.

First place

  • 1 x Clarett+ 2pre
  • 2 x Day tickets to Guitar Summit 2024

Second place

  • 1 x Scarlett 2i2 Studio
  • 2 x Day tickets to Guitar Summit 2024

Third place

  • 1 x ADAM SP5
  • 2 x Day tickets to Guitar Summit 2024

Fourth place

  • 1 x Circuit Rhythm
  • 2 x Day tickets to Guitar Summit 2024

Fifth place

  • 1 x Circuit Tracks
  • 2 x Day tickets to Guitar Summit 2024

Before entering, please read through our Terms and Conditions, found here.

See you in Mannheim, Germany.

Guitar Summit 2023

Rosengartenpl. 2 68161 Mannheim Germany 

Opening times
Friday, 22.09.2023 11:00-19:00
Saturday, 23.09.2023 11:00-19:00
Sunday, 24.09.2023 11:00-17:00 Uhr 

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