In The Studio And On Tour With James Towler

Focusrite Pro visited Wincraft Studios recently to talk with Steve Winwood's longtime engineer James Towler. In the first of three videos, James explains why he relies on Focusrite Red and RedNet interfaces to provide a seamless transition from studio to stage for Steve Winwood and band. Hear how RedNet provides studio quality I/O in multiple music production environments.

In Part Two, James Towler tells us how the Focusrite Red 8Pre serves as the backbone of his studio and touring rigs. From the quality of the mic pres to the comprehensive connectivity and monitoring options, hear why James employs the Red 8Pre in his systems.

In the third and final video, James extols the virtues of the Focusrite RedNet X2P and explains why it plays an important role in both studio and touring rigs. As James states, "it's just a great utility box."