In the Studio with Francine Perry

We met Francine Perry at Studio Mute to hear how Clarett+ OctoPre is the perfect solution for her needs. A producer, mixer, and recording engineer by trade, it’s safe to say Francine spends a lot of time in the studio.

Surrounded by numerous legendary synths and outboard gear that any music maker would dream of using, Francine needs to capture those analogue sounds with the clarity that Clarett+ provides. Watch the video below.

High-quality DA is always important when using outboard gear; having something like the Clarett+ gives you the clarity that you need for that.

As well as producing and mixing, Francine also creates and writes music under the ‘la leif’. With the tactile nature of playing a physical instrument, she likes to use the Clarett+ OctoPre to capture analogue synths’ warmth and sonic clarity.

Not only is sound clarity required here, though. With the sheer number of instruments available, to have a smooth workflow when writing and recording, plenty of I/O is needed, which Clarett+ OctoPre provides via ADAT.

Most artists have an idea and want to get that down right away to capture the moment and burst of inspiration; having the number of I/O is essential for this, as Francine discusses.

Having the instruments plugged-in at all times to Clarett+ OctoPre allows the flow to continue and not be interrupted. After all, “you always need more I/O than you think you’re going to, especially if you’re using things like outboard effects.”

Our interface software has allowed Francine to get set up easily with Clarett+ OctoPre, claiming that “you can pretty much set it up and forget about it.” Focusrite Control has only the essential features you need to allow that.

Reliability and sound quality come first with Focusrite interfaces. Explore Clarett+ OctoPre for full details on the product.