Leslie Gaston-Bird Demonstrates RedNet R1

Learn How To Use RedNet R1. 

In our latest video series, we join sound editor and re-recording mixer Leslie Gaston-Bird, who explains how she uses RedNet R1 to streamline her Dolby Atmos workflow and details some of RedNet R1's many useful features.

RedNet R1 is a versatile studio-grade desktop remote controller for Focusrite Red audio interfaces. When combined with a Red interface, RedNet R1 gives you complete control of your monitor selection, sources selection, and can be used to manage remote-controllable mic preamps on your Focusrite Red interfaces. This means that you can keep your interface in the rack and declutter your desktop.

“So RedNet R1 really is a useful tool in the studio, it speeds up my workflow immensely and lets me keep focused on working."

Mixing For TV And Film With RedNet R1 And Red

Leslie Gaston-Bird is a former Governor-at-large for AES (Audio Engineering Society), sound editor, re-recording mixer, and owner of Mixed Messiah Productions in Brighton, UK. In the videos she demonstrates how she uses Focusrite RedNet R1 desktop remote controller and Focusrite Red 16Line audio interface to mix for TV and film projects as well as how she prepares them for delivery on streaming services.

“It's easy to configure your sessions so you can send signal from one studio to the other, from the machine room to the studio, from the control room to the studio… that way of working with Dante is a game changer really."