Masterclass: Producer Rafa Sardina and singer Carlos Vives

Enjoy a special masterclass featuring two major names in Latin American music: Singer Carlos Vives in conversation with Producer and Mix Engineer Rafa Sardina. 

Focusrite Group and one of their closest professional artist-clients and friends, the 18-time GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY-winning producer, engineer, and musician Rafa Sardina, have invited the Colombian music icon and GRAMMY winner, Carlos Vives, to participate in a virtual masterclass, live from Vives' studio.

Vives and Sardina will talk about their musical careers, inspirations, passion for music creation, and will answer questions from thousands of participants from all over Colombia.

Muévete Colombia is a program by the Inter-American Development Bank delivered in conjunction with the Colombian government and conducted by DNA Music based in Bogotá.

As a member of the Inter-American Development Bank's Coalition of 21st Century Learning Skills, Focusrite Group has donated 4000 Novation Launchpads, electronic musical instruments, one for each participant of the program.

Video Highlights


Effort is learning: the more you strive, the better results you will achieve!


To all those creative beings who live with so much feeling! Every creative person is a sensitive being!


Intuition is the key to becoming the musician you always wanted to be!


Let's learn from the legacy of pre-Hispanic music! Musical roots come to us with a message of love and wisdom. Let's share the beauty of our culture!


The artist should always follow their intuition, no matter what others say.


Discover how musical traditions have influenced modern music


Let's acclaim the legacy of the great Vallenato artists through the years who have made this musical genre a genre that endures!


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