Planning And Funding For CTE In 2021

The Smart Investment in Career Tech Ed. 

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Video Highlights

Audio-Over-IP At Rancho Bernardo High School

In this Career Tech Ed Webinar highlight, Ross Kallen, digital media educator at Rancho Bernardo High School in Southern California, discusses how and why they use Focusrite RedNet "all over campus."

What is Career Tech Ed (CTE)?

In this webinar highlight Dr. Milton Ruffin, principal at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus, OH explains what career and technical education (CTE) is, including the origins of his school's program.

What Career Tech Ed (CTE) Resources Do Schools Need?

In this Career Tech Ed Webinar highlight, Lawndale High School's Leticia Rojas shares essential resources required to maintain their commercial music pathway, including some funding sources in California.

Greenwich High School Music Technology Since 1969

In this Career Tech Ed Webinar highlight, Dr. Barbara Freedman shares the history and origins of Greenwich High's music tech program and how it has evolved to meet students' current career training needs. High school alums are getting amazing jobs in the music and audio industries.

Career Tech Ed Students Succeed

In this Focusrite webinar highlight, expert CTE panelists share memorable students success stories from each of their leading music and audio programs. Each panelist share memorable moments from their storied teaching careers.

Further Reading

Montgomery Bell Academy

Nashville metro high school students learn audio-over-IP music production skills from a seasoned industry pro.
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Donald M. Payne, Sr. School of Technology

Newark, NJ students develop pro audio and music career skills on next-gen campus that rivals college facilties.
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Valencia College

Focusrite's RedNet powers Valencia College's new professional-level film and audio program.
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Best-In-Class Audio CTE Happens At Fort Hayes

Discover how Fort Hayes (Columbus, OH) uses Focusrite hardware within its exemplary career and technical education (CTE) high school program.
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