RedNet Japan

RedNet is Focusrite's new, modular, high quality audio networking system based on Dante's powerful digital audio network. AS Project Co. Ltd., who are located in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, recently became the first users of RedNet in Japan. They specialise in live and event sound, and have been using the Yamaha CL live console series in conjunction with Pro Tools|HD. As existing Yamaha CL series users, AS Project Co. decided to take advantage of the fact that the console has built-in Dante functionality by choosing RedNet 5. Two RedNet 5 units are connected to Pro Tools|HD and to the Dante network, allowing 64 channels of high-quality, uncompressed digital audio to pass between the console and the recording system.

We spoke to sound engineer Masahiro Fukuhara to talk us through his implementation and initial thoughts of RedNet:

"RedNet 5 is recognised immediately as two 192 Digital I/O™ units from the Pro Tools® side and therefore the routing is very straightforward. RedNet Control and Dante Controller are installed in the MacBook Pro with Nuendo Live. Pro Tools|HD is installed on the main Mac Pro machine and Nuendo Live works as a backup for recording.

Within the Dante network, digital audio signals for recording are connected through a Gigabit Luminex Giga Switch 8 Ethernet switch. Long distance cabling requirements are taken care of by high-quality Cat5e cable.

The master clock from the system is taken from a black burst generator converted to word clock by a SYNC I/O™ into the Yamaha CL5, which is then the master clock for the Dante network. RedNet 5 provides the loop sync for an additional 192 I/O™.

I've had experience with Dante, but installing RedNet 5 was easy - just connect and power-on. We've already used it for some live recordings and it's worked well every time."