Smart Investment in Career and Tech Education

Your students are studying to become working musicians, producers, audio engineers, and digital content creators and they need to learn with professional tools. Students who create and produce like a pro today are ready for their future. 

Staying on top of what to teach, the gear, and where to find funding, is a big job. Focusrite Group is here to help. We’ve partnered with thought-leaders in Career and Technical Education (CTE), from experienced educators to program heads and grant writers. We're offering everything you need to give your students a creative and professional advantage. 

We’ve worked with experts to update our popular CTE Expert Guide: How to Fund Your Career Tech Program with new resources, case studies, and gear recommendations. Sign up to download the guide below. 

In addition, Focusrite is excited to be hosting a webinar on March 11 at 3:30pm PST/ 6:30pm EST, accessed via the Focusrite YouTube channel, with CTE program experts with lots of experience to share. Our expert panel includes:
- Mark Beckett, Music & Entertainment Production Technology Instructor, Essex County Donald M.Payne Sr. School of Technology
- John Dolan, Director of CTE, Essex County Schools of Technology
- Luis Rodriguez, Commercial Music Pathways Director, Lawndale High School, Lawndale, CA
- Hatha Parrish, Director of Federal and State Programs, Centinela Valley Union High School District
- Roberto Rodriguez, CTE Pathways Specialist, Lawndale High School, Lawndale, CA

They will share tips on what they are teaching, how they are finding funding, and where their student alums have gone on to work. 

View the full webinar here