The Bedroom — Aziya

Gritty guitars and glowing vocals dominate the stage. 

Watch the multi-instrumentalist and producer, Aziya, take to the stage in the new video series, The Bedroom. Performing two songs — Marathon and Slip! — Aziya sets the tone for what’s to come.

The Bedroom is a space where creativity often begins for many a music-maker. We are celebrating art that’s born here with an exciting range of artists. From up-and-coming indies to established veterans, there's plenty to discover.

Recording her first EP at home, Aziya is no stranger to recording with just the tools in her reach. In a genre that is male-centric, Aziya credits many female led artists as her influences, including the likes of St Vincent, H.E.R and Grimes. Aziya is ready to break these restraints and traditions in rock, inspiring a generation to take to guitar.

Watch Aziya perform Marathon and Slip! below.

Marathon introduces Aziya’s smooth and soaring vocals, accompanied by warm, phased guitar and fading lights. With a full band in tow, it’s not long before the raucous guitars add the gritty element to Aziya’s music to entice you in.

Before Marathon is over, Aziya transitions into hard-hitting Slip! with a grunge-reminiscent guitar tone and energetic vocals. Here, Aziya makes The Bedroom her own with her aggressive strumming and commanding stage-presence.

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