The Bedroom — Yonaka

Raw vocals and driving melodies in The Bedroom. 

Join British rock band YONAKA as they take to the stage in the video series, The Bedroom. Performing two songs — Ordinary and Seize the Power — YONAKA introduces their powerful melodic hooks and thought-provoking lyrics.

For many new artists, the Bedroom is a space where creativity often begins. We are celebrating art that’s born here with an exciting range of artists — from up-and-coming indies to established veterans, there's plenty to discover.

YONAKA’s four band members Theresa Jarvis, George Edwards, Alex Crosby, and Robert Mason met at school in Brighton. Although they had all dabbled in music before, YONAKA was different from the start. “When we sat down to write, it felt special. I never had that before,” says lead singer Theresa Jarvis. They’ve performed on stage at Radio 1’s big weekend and in 2018 went on their first European tour. Their debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow was released in 2019 and in 2021 they released Seize the Power, a mixtape featuring appearances from Fever 333 and Barns Courtney.

YONAKA bring a twist to rock with traces of metal, punk, and grime — and their lyrics don’t pull any punches. “When we write songs, we don’t write 50 and pick two. We write it, knowing it’s going to be a good song,” smiles Theresa. “Musically we try and keep it different. We get bored so we don’t want other people to get bored.”

Watch YONAKA perform Ordinary and their 2021 single Seize the Power below.

Ordinary’s catchy riff at the start doesn’t quite prepare you for the impressive and emotional power of the sounds that follow, leaving you breathless and wanting more. That ‘more’ comes with Seize the Power — featuring Theresa’s powerful voice and uncompromising lyrics.

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