The Collective is proud to showcase FAST plug-ins, the product of a collaboration between Focusrite and Sonible, a software company founded in 2013 with a new take on tools for making music. The collaboration between the two companies started at a Winter NAMM in 2018, where Jonathan Campbell, Product Manager for Focusrite and Alexander Wankhammer, CEO and co-founder of Sonible first met.

The initial meeting ultimately led to the Focusrite and Sonible collaboration which uses cutting-edge technology to rethink some problems that have become the ‘necessary evils’ of plug-in design today.

The mission for FAST plug-ins is to make the user more creative, faster. As Alex Wankhammer says, “Together, we have a goal of keeping our users in the creative zone for as long as possible without getting bogged down in the technical details. That’s what the FAST collaboration is all about.”

Check out the full story of the birth of the FAST plug-in range here.