What’s the best interface for making Pop music?

Pop music is so named because it’s popular – both in terms of its fans and how much of it is made. Creating a piece of pop music that stands out from the plethora of songs available is more than just creating the right catchy melody. You need to sound good.

Make your vocals sing

Getting your vocals right is extremely important. They are the heart of the song and if they are muddy, or lost in the mix, you’ve little chance of creating something worthwhile. Every Focusrite audio interface has high-quality microphone inputs to ensure your vocals are crystal clear. If you want to add that little extra something, try pressing the Air button — it can give vocals a real lift, and it’s fantastic on acoustic instruments too. 

Scarlett 4th Gen boasts a re-engineered Air mode to deliver a choice of two distinct sounds. You can add truly musical presence and rich harmonic drive, just like a classic console in a big studio. It’s an additional way to bring your voice’s unique character to the front of the mix.

Plug in and play

As far as instruments go, Focusrite audio interfaces offer connection via XLR and instrument inputs that are clean and clear, so you can just plug in and be sure that you’ll get a recording that sounds just like you.

All the inspiration you could need

In addition, you also get a bundle of software with your interface to get you started writing your next hit pop song. Scarlett interfaces come with Avid Pro Tools | First and both Scarlett and Clarett+ include a range of plugins to get you up and running. 

As a bonus, every new Scarlett and Clarett+ interface comes with the Hitmaker Expansion. Focusrite’s software bundle has everything you need to bring big studio sound to your songs, with an unbeatable range of recording-making studio tools from the biggest name in the business.

Quality sound made easy

In addition to superb quality sound, Focusrite audio interfaces include ‘Easy Start’, a tool designed to get you up and running straight away, which gives you time to focus on your performance without worrying about settings.