What’s the best interface for PC?

Historically, Windows computers have often been considered complicated machines to use for recording. However, at Focusrite, we've worked hard to offer Windows users a seamless audio experience with our audio interfaces. 

Trouble-free driving

Windows uses ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) drivers for professional audio interfaces. All Focusrite audio interfaces include rock-solid ASIO drivers to ensure trouble-free, low-latency performance.

Easy connectivity

Connecting to your Windows PC requires just one USB cable and additional PSU (power supply unit). Plug your audio interface in via USB-C or USB-A and your Windows computer will supply the power needed.

Everything you need to get started

Every registered Focusrite audio interface includes a free bundle of top-brand plug-ins. Our new Hitmaker Expansion offers a wealth of high-quality virtual instruments and effects to keep you inspired and making music.

Setting up for success

In addition to superb quality sound, Focusrite audio interfaces include ‘Easy Start’: a tool designed to get you up and running quickly. This gives you more time to focus on your music without worrying about settings.

Recording on a Windows PC doesn't have to be complicated — and with a Focusrite audio interface, it isn't.