What’s the best interface for recording guitars?

Capturing your guitar perfectly can be a daunting task — and choosing the right audio interface for the job can be just as hard. You’ll want to sound like you, but you’ll want a quality recording without artifacts as well — and the simpler it is to achieve this, the easier it is to stay in the creative flow. 

Audio interfaces designed for the guitar

If you are recording an electric guitar, Focusrite interfaces have inputs that go further than simple line ins. Our range of interfaces mimic the impedance response of a guitar amp and make sure that you don’t lose valuable punch or low end when recording. 

If you want to capture the sound of your vintage amp and cab, our high-quality microphone inputs are perfect. They offer low noise, minimal distortion, and tons of headroom; so that the only distortion you get is what you add to your amp yourself.

Get some Air with your acoustic

If the acoustic guitar is more your thing, our interfaces are equally suited to your needs. Both beautifully transparent and free of annoying hiss, you can capture every nuance of your performance and get excellent transient response. Every interface comes with Focusrite Air, which can transform the sound of acoustic guitars and add that extra ‘something’, lifting and brightening the sound. 

Scarlett 4th Gen boasts a re-engineered Air mode to deliver a choice of two distinct sounds. You can add truly musical presence and rich harmonic drive, just like a classic console in a big studio. It’s an additional way to bring your sound’s unique character to the front of the mix.

The big easy

In addition to superb quality sound, Focusrite audio interfaces include ‘Easy Start’: a tool designed to get you up and running quicker than you can tune your strings. This gives you more time to focus on your performance without worrying about settings.