What’s the best interface for recording vocals?

Whether you’re into pop, rap or metal, the vocal takes centre stage in the song. Every vocalist wants to be sure that their vocals sound amazing and choosing the right audio interface is key to ensuring a great recording. 

A dynamic performance

The last thing you need when recording vocals is the presence of artifacts. The preamp in your audio interface ensures that low level signals are amplified to line level — the ‘standard’ operating level of recording equipment, but they should be clean and free from noise, too. It’s also very important that the dynamic range of your audio interface is broad enough to capture anything from the tiniest whisper to the loudest scream, without distortion. Scarlett interfaces have super-clean preamps and a wide dynamic range which gives you more headroom — the space in the audio before it clips — and therefore ensures that you can record without worrying about how loud or soft your vocals are.

Small, but perfectly formed

If you are a singer/songwriter, a small interface could be just what you need. The Scarlett 2i2 is our best-selling interface — millions of musicians use it to write and record every day. It has inputs for a vocal microphone and an acoustic guitar or keyboard and features natural-sounding 4th Generation mic preamps that offer super studio quality sound. It’s like recording in a studio, but at a fraction of the cost.

Coming up for Air

Included with the Scarlett 2i2 is the Air feature, which emulates Focusrite’s original ISA preamps. Air mode is vocal magic — and there’s no complicated setup, it’s one button click away. Lift your vocals and add that extra sheen by introducing Air to your recording.

Everything you need

If you’re worried about how complex it might be to set up your audio interface, then you’ll be reassured with our 'Easy Start' tool, which will get you up and running before you’ve even practiced the chorus. In addition, you get an Avid® Pro Tools® Subscription for three months included with the Scarlett 2i2 — so you’ve got an industry-standard DAW to get your ideas down. You can capture your recording at home and be confident that you can take the session to any professional studio for a full-scale production.