Webinar - Discover the Power of Podcasting in Education

Podcasting can be a transformative educational tool that provides a compelling and flexible learning experience. Whether you're an educator seeking to spice up your teaching methods or an administrator aiming to incorporate more technology into the curriculum, Focusrite's upcoming webinar is your gateway to revolutionizing the classroom learning experience. Join us for an informative session with leading experts who have integrated podcasting into their educational environments, witnessing firsthand its impact on both teaching and learning. 

- Laura Ubate, Podcaster and content creator
- Chioke l'Anson, Director of Community Media, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
- Wayne Splettstozer, Director of Instrumental Music/Music Technology, Torrington High School, CT
- Moderated by Dr. Lee Whitmore, Vice President, Education, Focusrite Group

Date: April 17, 2024
Time: 1pm PST / 4pm EST
Location: Live on the Focusrite YouTube channel

View the full webinar here

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