Audio Interfaces

Sound better than ever. Get studio quality sound with the audio interfaces that make more records than any other. From entry level desktop interfaces to professional studio racks, we have a comprehensive range of audio interfaces.

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Audio interfaces

Focusrite audio interfaces offer high-quality recording and playback solutions for musicians and producers. With superb audio clarity, low latency, and versatile connectivity options, they empower creativity in home studios and professional setups. Their user-friendly design and compatibility with popular recording software make them a preferred choice for audio enthusiasts worldwide.

What is an audio interface?

An audio interface is a hardware device connecting microphones, instruments, or other sound sources to a computer. It converts analog audio signals into digital data for recording and playback. Typically equipped with inputs, outputs, and preamps, it enhances audio quality, enabling seamless communication between analog and digital audio realms.

What is the best audio interface?

The definition of the best audio interface will depend on your needs as a creator. We recommend checking out our Scarlett and Clarett+ ranges if you're looking to record music, and our Vocaster range if you're wanting to record audio for podcasts or live streaming.