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Vocasterの紹介 - ポッドキャスト収録中の様子









Vocaster features Auto Gain, to set levels quickly and easily; Enhance, to get your voice sounding its best in one click; and connections for your phone, camera and so much more.

Focusrite interfaces sit at the heart of more studios than any other. Now, let your voice be heard like never before.

Vocaster One and Vocaster One Studio

Start the conversation

Vocaster One is the podcast interface for solo content creators. Get incredible sound, with enough gain for any XLR mic. Set levels, enhance your sound with one click, and stand out with Vocaster One in seconds.

Get studio sound with the included professional quality mic and hear your show in perfect detail with closed-back studio headphones with Vocaster One Studio.

Vocaster Two and Vocaster Two Studio

Join the conversation

Vocaster Two is the podcast interface for content creators. Connect your phone via bluetooth. Capture the conversation in the studio, over the phone or online. Set levels, enhance your sound with one click, and stand out with Vocaster Two in seconds.

Get professional sound with the included broadcast-quality studio mic and hear your show in perfect detail with closed back studio headphones with Vocaster Two Studio.

Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Step up your show

Vocaster Broadcast Kit pairs our best dynamic microphone with our clear and comfortable headphones to bring studio-quality audio to your podcast setup. Vocaster DM14v’s low sensitivity, cardioid design with built-in wind­shield and shock mount, makes broadcast-ready voice recording easy. Our Vocaster HP60v headphone design lets you hear your show exactly as your listeners will, and stay comfortable for the longest recording sessions. Vocaster DM14v is available to purchase separately.



Vocaster One

One mic input
70dB gain range
One headphone output
Enhance with four presets
Mute for host
Auto Gain
Call in guests with TRRS cable                          
Audio out to camera 
Easy Start 
Phantom power 

Vocaster Two

Two mic inputs
70dB gain range
Two headphone outputs
Enhance with four presets
Mute for host and guest
Auto Gain
Call in guests with Bluetooth® or TRRS Cable
Audio out to camera 
Easy Start 
Phantom power 

Vocaster One Studio

Vocaster DM1 microphone 
HP60v headphones 

Vocaster One Studio

Vocaster DM14v microphone 
HP60v headphones 
Vocaster FAQ

Still have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What are the main differences between Scarlett and Vocaster?

Scarlett is designed for making and producing music. Vocaster is the essential tool for podcasters. For more details on the differences, please click here.

What Software is included with Vocaster?

The included software with Vocaster is Hindenburg Lite to record, with a six-month Hindenburg Pro trial, three months of SquadCast Pro + Video to bring in your guests, and six months of Acast Influencer to publish your podcast. Vocaster Hub is also included. For more details of what's included with Vocaster, click here.

Can I record music using my Vocaster?

Vocaster is a podcasting audio interface — if you’re looking to record music, we’d suggest looking at our Scarlett range.

Is Vocaster good for recording voiceover or streaming?

Vocaster is great for these due to its easy set-up process and features such as Auto Gain to set levels easily and Enhance to bring out the best of your voice. Vocaster works well with OBS for streaming. For information on livestreaming with Vocaster click here.

What other equipment do I need for recording a podcast?

In addition to Vocaster, you will need a laptop, tablet, or PC and a microphone with a stand. Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio come with a microphone, headphones, and all the cables you need. Read our Getting Started: Hardware for the essentials and Getting Started: Additional Equipment for more details.

Are there any bundles for Vocaster?

Yes, there are two bundles available to order for Vocaster. Vocaster One Studio includes Vocaster DM1 dynamic microphone, and Vocaster Two Studio includes Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone. Both come with studio-quality closed-back HP60v headphones. For more information on Studio bundles click here.

Can I use Vocaster with my tablet?

You can use Vocaster with a USB-C iPad to record your podcast. You can also bring in audio from your tablet and phone using Vocaster's phone input, or Bluetooth on Vocaster Two.

Which operating systems does Vocaster work with?

We have extensively tested Vocaster with the following operating systems, however it may work with others.

  • Mac: Monterey and Big Sur
  • Windows: Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • iPad: iPadOS14 and iPadOS15
Is Student Discount available for Vocaster?

Yes, there is a 25% discount available for students. For more details on country availability, click here.

Does Vocaster have loopback channels?

There are two sets of stereo loopback channels on Vocaster which allow you to record audio from your computer. For more information, click here.

Can I use Vocaster with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)?

Yes, Vocaster can be used with OBS. For help on set up, click here.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones with Vocaster?

No, Bluetooth headphones do not work with Vocaster. Bluetooth can be used on Vocaster Two to stream audio from your device and call-in guests to your show.

How much gain does Vocaster have? Can I use a SM7B with Vocaster?

Vocaster has 70dB gain range, which is enough to power any mic, including the Shure SM7B.

Can Vocaster be powered by my computer?

Yes, Vocaster can be powered by your machine so that you can capture the conversation anywhere.

Can I use Vocaster with a camera?

Yes, you can record your audio directly into any camera with an audio input so that your audio and video are in sync. For information on Vlogging with Vocaster click here.

How do I set up my Vocaster with Zoom on macOS?

Please click this link for the steps to set up your Vocaster unit with Zoom on macOS.

How do I set up my Vocaster with Zoom on Windows?

Please click this link for the steps to set up your Vocaster unit with Zoom on Windows.

Does Vocaster (and Vocaster Hub) work with my screen reader?

We test Vocaster Hub with the screen readers that come with macOS and Windows by default, i.e. VoiceOver and Narrator, respectively. However, on Windows, other screen readers (e.g. NVDA and JAWS) may also work.

Is Vocaster (and Vocaster Hub) accessible?

Voiceover on Mac and Narrator on Windows are supported. For further details, please read our help centre article.

How do I use Auto Gain with my screen reader?
  • Make sure notifications are enabled for Vocaster Hub in your operating system’s settings, since notifications are currently used to indicate when the Auto Gain process has failed.
  • Press the Auto Gain button for the desired channel using your screen reader and then follow the Auto Gain instructions as per the user manual.
  • After this process, the mic level slider will be set automatically.