The Vocaster range

Tell the world

With Vocaster, we’ve set out to create the easiest way to get studio quality sound on your podcast. And we’ve succeeded. Our range of podcast equipment sounds great, is easy to use, and recreates a professional experience in your podcast studio.

The Vocaster range

  • Recording a podcast with Vocaster

    Cut it out!

    Don’t let coughs and sneezes - or any other unexpected interruptions - mess up your podcast. Hit the mute button and silence the mic until you’re ready to go again.
  • Find your voice

    The Enhance button reveals the true quality of your voice. Get the clearest sound first time. Four podcaster-approved voice presets bring out the best in any voice.
  • Vocaster Two

    Sound as good as your video looks

    You’re one cable away from adding Vocaster’s studio sound to your vlog. No need to sync up in post, just plug in and hit the red button.
  • Two podcasters recording a podcast with Vocaster

    It’s your call

    Bring in guests over the phone with Bluetooth or a single cable and capture the whole conversation, or record high quality music or other audio from your device, seamlessly.
Recording software included with Vocaster

Everything you need

With Hindenburg LITE to record, and six months of Acast Influencer to publish, you’re ready to get your show out there. If you're new to Hindenburg, you can also try Hindenburg PRO for six months, free.

  • Vocaster Studio bundles product image

    Take your show further

    Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio include our microphone and closed-back headphones, so that you can elevate your podcast straight away.
  • Vocaster Broadcast Kit product image

    Step up your show

    Vocaster Broadcast Kit pairs our best dynamic microphone with our clear and comfortable headphones to bring studio-quality audio to your podcast setup.

'Focusrite have judged this perfectly. The range of features is spot on, and I applaud the lengths they’ve gone to to make it easy to use — this is how you make complicated technology accessible.'

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'A compelling solution for content creators and delivers what it says on the box.'

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Vocaster One Vocaster Two Vocaster One Studio Vocaster Two Studio
Mic Inputs 1 2 1 2
Gain Range 70dB 70dB 70dB 70dB
Headphone Outputs 1 2 1 2
Mute For host For host and guest For host For host and guest
Auto Gain
Guest Call In TRRS cable Bluetooth® or TRRS cable TRRS cable Bluetooth® or TRRS cable
Audio Out to Camera
Easy Start
Phantom Power
Vocaster DM1 Microphone
HP60v Headphones
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